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About Chemins Vignerons

Chemins Vignerons has got wine touring experience since 2002 in the french medierranean vineyards

Our energy is coming from the desire to bring the beauty of Mediterranean wine and its vineyards to a wider audience : the sheer beauty of Languedoc’s countryside, the breathtaking views in Provence…

An incredible range of white, rose and red wines of outstanding quality, all concentrating the taste of the terroir (ground and climate) is waiting for you.

You’ll experience special visits and tastings with a french winetour guide, whose knowledge is based on wine (viticulture, wine tasting) and what makes the heritage in southern France (landscape, history, tradition). You will have private tastings in the appellation of your choice : Rhône, Languedoc or Provence region.

These escorted winetours in the depth of terroirs, led by an expert winetour guide (guide de pays = country guide) are made in order to give you all necessary to understand the wine region you’ll visit : we try as far as it’s possible to meet owners or wine-makers.

Few packages are available on the website, but we experienced that most of the demand is to make up the experience of your choice, on request. We are here to advise you, in order to save time on the spot, visit the best villages, open air markets, and of course wineries (famous or underated winemakers).

Whatever you are beginner or advanced wine lover, our concern is to provide you an experience that fit to your dreams.

Wine is a way of life in the south of France. Our motto : wine is something unic because that links people, embodying most of our Culture (taste-history-science-langage-landscape…).

Mediterranean french wines look like the landscape : there are generous, various, fragrant, with a great deal of personality.

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