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Alpilles : wine and olive oil

circuit 8: 

Olive oil and the Baux valley.

 A small walk in olive groves to discover the Alpilles mountain, between white limestone and blue sky ; a visit to the olive mill to learn how to transform this fruit, the time of a tasting.
Alpilles hills is a very favourable land for wine production, the second part of the day will be devoted to the discovery of that wonderful "terroir". As for the Coteaux d’Aix wines, the Cabernet-Sauvignon can be blended with traditional grapes as Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre.
To see the best, you can come between November and January during the period of the olivades (picking up of olives): the mills function, the stay will be only more spectacular.

From straw-yellow to the amber-green colors, the olive oil has a great subtlety of taste. As for the wine, this olive oil result from blending of various varieties of olives, the growing condintions and the know-how .

Two styles of oil are to be considered: the fruity ripe (fruité mûr) that gives soft oils, therefore private of "burning" sensation and bitterness; fruity green (fruité vert) more powerful with bitter feeling. The varieties of olives used for the AOC oils of les Baux de Provence : Salonenque, Grossane, Béruguette, Verdale and Picholine…

Visit tasting of one winery Coteaux of Aix and Baux olive oil mill.

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