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chemins-vignerons springtime in LanguedocChâteauneuf du Pape in winterAt the wineryGigondas : terroir of Romane Machotte Wine tour with a group at Saint Christol terroirTavel in octoberWine tastingEnjoying life in Aix en ProvenceSablet a nice village in the Rhône valleyMagical underground cellarRoof at Mèze (Languedoc)Pebbles at Châteauneuf du Pape


Appellation: Legally defined wine-growing region under French law, appellation refers to the place where the grapes are grown. Many appellations have official status, which delimits and regulates usage in order to assure both quality and authenticity.
An appellation may be as large as an entire region, encompassing hundreds of thousands of hectares or acres and many separate vineyards, or as small as a single vineyard of perhaps four acres or less.
Most of the best-known wines from France are appellation wines. Appellations are also used to identify most of the wines of Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal

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