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Around Pézenas

tour 6:
 Pézenas and Country of Caux.

During the XVII th and XVIII th centuries, the town of Pézenas was an important political and commercial centre: it is remaining an admirable city with the decorated town houses with remarkable wrought iron balconnies.
To the north of this city spread landscapes with soft forms, covered with vines. Let us start, to discover from a small appellation, fossil-like, a white wine whose single grape variety gave its name to the wine. Vinified as dry or sweet wines, the Clairette du Languedoc offers original balances and flavours of white flowers, quinces or citrus.

The afternoon is devoted to an area in emergence, its future is to be discovered in the bottles. Two "terroirs" constitute the soil: one "villafranchien" with pebbles and boulders and the other basaltic, with the black stones of old volcanos. The charming village of Caux concentrates this renewal, it is the silky and balsamic style of its Languedoc wines which distinguish them from other appellations.

Visit tasting of wineries in Clairette du Languedoc AOC and Languedoc AOC.

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