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Clairette Blanche

Clairette Blanche
is a white wine grape variety most widely grown in Languedoc Provence and the Rhône.
It was often used to make vermouth to which it is suited as it produces wine high in alcohol and low in acidity.
It is also grown in South Africa for sparkling wines and Australia.

Main features : extremely vigorous, this variety ripens between September 25 and October 25. Sensitive to wind, it prefers poor, dry, stony and warm soils.
œnological potential : Oxidation sensitive, Clairette white produces robust and full-bodied wines with a complex and delicate floral aroma.

Use : Châteauneuf-du-Pape (blended with Roussanne, Bourboulenc and Grenache white ), Lirac, Tavel, Vacqueyras, Côtes du Rhône Villages whites (blended with Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Grenache and Marsanne to make up a minimum of 80% of local grape varieties), Côtes du Rhône whites (in assembly), Languedoc and Provence.

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