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Domaine de Daurion – AOC Languedoc-Pézenas                            

The Château Daurion is a 45 hectares family domain located in the wonderful Caux terroir between Béziers and Montpellier. The domain has been existed since the 17th century, initially under the name of ‘Dourion’, then Daurion – resulting from of a transcription error. It belong to  the Collet family since 1957.

The domain has been producing wines for the local “negociants” up to a recent period. But positive about the potential of the domain, Henri Collet decided in 1999, a total transformation of the estate, working both on the vines and in the cellar. The wines of the domain gained in fullness, balance and finesse. The originality of the terroir gives its style to Chateau Daurion’s wines : intense fruits (raspberry and blackberry) and spices aromas.

The press awards for the reds, white and rosé and the quick development of the sales in France, Europe and overseas tend to demonstrate the recognition of the undergoing work. With the new manager Diamantino Teixeira (photo), the domain has serious chances to continue on its way and to provide you with delightful wines.

The vineyard
Above all, according to our philosophy, wines quality come from all the work we spend in the vineyard to produce the best grape as possible. Since 1999, the domain strives to improve the knowledge of our soils and vines with required analyses. This gave us a firm scientific foundation to be combined with the winemakers’ instinct.

Characteristic of the region, the domain’s 45 ha of vines, lies on a range of different soils – limestone-clayous (argilo-calcaire), volcanic and round pebble (villafranchien). This great diversity allows us to realise complex and original wines. Each year, we analyse the soils carefully to establish if any intervention is needed. During the winter time, we leave the grass growing between the vines in order to preserve the structure from erosion and to ease the development of the macro and micro-biological life.

The previous planting densities of 3.000 vines/ha has been gradually increased to 4.300 vines/ha. Vines are now totally wired and, thanks to the pruning methods we introduced  since (Royat, Guyot and Lepine), the yield is perfectly controlled.

The cellar
Vinifications and ageing cellars are both part-underground, allowing us to use gravity in the wine-making process and to retain a stable temperature.

We take enormous care with the harvest and pick parcel by parcel, by hand or by machine. To preserve the temperature of the grapes we harvest by night or during the morning. The cellar is very close to the vines, which enable us to reduce oxidation risks during transportation.

Domaine de Daurion PRESTIGE
85% Syrah, 15%  Grenache noir – the vinification takes place in concrete tanks, 4 weeks maceration, 12 month in Burgundian cask from François Frères.  

Domaine de Daurion "LE BLANC"
50% Roussane, 50% Grenache Blanc – vinification and maturation on lees in oak cask for Grenache Blanc and Acacia cask for Roussanne.

Domaine de Daurion « les Sorbiers » (rowan trees)
65% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 10% Carignan – the vinification takes place in concrete tanks, 4 weeks maceration, Syrah are matured 12 month in Burgundian cask from François Frères, the remaning part of Grenache and Carignan evolve in concrete vats. 

Domaine de Daurion "LES POETES"
60% Syrah, 40% Grenache noir – harvested before over ripeness, the vinification takes place in concrete tanks, short maceration.

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