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Tasting of 5 Bandol red 2001

This tasting happened the november 28th 2010. We tasted wines anonymously, by random and blindfold. The tasting scores are written in the same order of the discovery

Bandol is one of the best appellation in France. Hot and sunny climate, taking advantage of a mild sea breeze,. The best Mourvèdre based wines in the world are to found there.

This kind of tasting enable to appreciate nuances resulting from ground and underground variations and the ability of the winemakers to produce outstanding wines.

Millésime 2001 : The winter was mild and damp. Vegetation grew late marsh, 10 days in advance to 2000. Humid april brought diseases. Mid april, a cold wave slowed down the vegetation growth.  Good development  of the foliage system mid may. The heat increased phytosanitary diseases. Early setting of the vine, 10 to 15 days in advance with a quite important shot berries on Grenache. Normal véraison (change of colour of the berry). The drought lasted 4 month from june to septembre hence an early and fast maturation of the grapes.   Sugars matured before polyphenols resulting in a slight difference in the balalnce. The yielding were 20% smaller than a regular year with small bunches of grapes, advanced havest in dry conditions, however acidty were preserved.

Wines : good colour extraction. Vinifications were somtimes difficult (with stop in the fermentation process, malolactic fermentation long lasting) on wine having a higher alcohol content than usual. A good vintage on the whole.

Bandol 2001 Domaine la Suffrène vigneron

Tasted : november 28th 2010 – winemaker : Cédric Gravier – grape varieties : – Mourvèdre : 55%, Grenache noir : 20%, Cinsault : 15%, Carignan : 10% – Alcohol : 15% – Terroir : sandy and silty, limestone and clayous.

Still a dark intensity with a brick rim. Fresh nose showing spices, soot, leather and then after oxygenation black ripe fruits. Supple attack with lovely grained tannins, a bit powdery. This Bandol reveals a tight textured bodyness, fluid and appetizing. Rich and dense aromas on raisin, ligth vanilla touch, ripe black berries and spices. The style, balance and finess, summon voluptuousness. The tertiary aromas are still retained at the moment, what a youth ! Long caressing finish on blackberry sirup flavour.

Bandol 2001 Château Pradeaux

tasted : november 28th 2010 – winemaker : Cyril de Portalis grape varieties : 80% : Mourvèdre, 15% : Grenache, 5% : Cinsault. – Alcohol : 15% – 100% Undestemmed – Terroir : clayous-limestone with limestone underground.

Medium colour intensity, brownish rim. The nose is a bit shy at the beguinning, exhaling plum, stone fruits, dust and old wood. After airing, intense scents of garrigue (cistus, bay) and burnt wood. Fulbodied and frank attack. Forthright tannins pull off in power during the tasting. Old wood flavours are coming back, followed with plum and spices to vanish an lanolin and bay aromas. Well balanced, good length, in a rustic style !

Bandol 2001 Domaine du Gros Noré

Tasted : november 28th 2010 – winemaker : Alain Pascal – grape varieties : 80% : Mourvèdre, 15% : Grenache, 5% : Cinsault. – Alcohol : 14% – Terroir : clayous.

Very dark colour, very deep, carmine hue. The nose delivers a load of crystallized fruits like plum, cherry, and raisin. Progressively, scents are going to spices (nutmeg), smoke, soot and garrigue. Powerful attack that doesn’t masks the fluid texture. Present but mild tannins, in spite of its stoutness, this wine is impressive for its graceful style. Flavours of plum brandy, jammed black fruits, burnt wood, resin that finish on a fine chocalate after-taste. The tannic sensation is spreading up to the very end with a thyme note. Powerful and elegant !

Bandol 2001 Domaine des Baumelles

Tasted : november 28th 2010 – winemaker : Stéphane Bourret (the same as La Bastide Blanche)– grape varieties : 90% : Mourvèdre, 10% : Grenache – Alcohol : 14,5% – Terroir : clayous-limestone with marl underground.

Very strong colour intensity, brownish rim. Elegant nose on crystallized blackberry and blackcurrant then cherry pit appears. With oxidation, soot, clove and more animal scents are coming up. Wonderful attack, fine and dense with a vertical feeling in mouth. The tannic thread is incredibly tight and tense in an austere warmth. Splendid balance between concentration, mellowness, aciddity and tannins. Aromas are proportioned to its perfect strucure : juniper, v

anilla, burnt wood, garrigue, coffee liquor, plum…Light and airy finish, lingering for a long time – wonderful !

Bandol 2001 Domaine la Bastide Blanche

Tasted : november 28th 2010 – winemaker : Stéphane Bourret (the same as La Bastide Blanche)– grape varieties : 90% : Mourvèdre, 10% : Grenache – Alcohol : 14,5% – Terroir : stones and gravels based on clayous-limestone underground.

Very dark wine with a brick rim. Animal scents at the beginning, with oxidation, nicer fragrances are evapourating. Leather, burnt wood, vegetal notes (dry mushroom) then plum liquor. Very soft attack, fluid and easy going. Tannins are rising quickly in a tense-like sensation. Perfect tight texture, nothing is heavy, this wine show a dynamic style. Graphite,  spices, plum are dominating in a light vanilla atmosphere. Powerful and elegant, this wine lingers in mouth before vanishing on black berries and undergrowth aromas.

To go with this matured, robust but elegant wines, we shared a lamb leg cooked with garlic, served with bette with a reduced wine sauce cooked with mushrooms (porcini, chanterelles and button mushrooms) ans shallot : a good association !

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