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When it’s good, nothing’s better !

My concern is to speak about honest and frank wines. I’m only seeking for winemakers trying to understand how the ground is working to satisfy grape varieties to produce something good. I don’t care about styles : oaky or not, new world style or terroir wines, brand or tradition, fulbodied or ligth : my only interest is the balance.

What a wonderful discovery to understand the strategy of each grower, attempts they realized to adapt to ground influences and vintages to achieve them wine !

Of course, paying attention on the size and age of oak barrels is necessary to appreciate cellarmaster ageing strategies, but shouldn’t we focus more on our innate tasting ability rather than intellectual skills ?

The more I taste, the better – that makes sens ! I’m bored now with the wines I loved, I prefered reds in the past, I’m looking for the quality of tannins now, I was dazzled with complex maturation – purity of fragrance and austere minerality fulfil my search of perfection.

When we understand how difficult is to ripe a perfect crop, how risky it is to wait one or two more days to harvest, how expensive organic strategies may be…I feel all the humility a wine lover must get in front of a glass. To penetrate the wine potential, I always try to imagine the scenery, the ecological balance, the rock and the wind that helped grapes.

No chance for industrial wines – only good, underrated, small producers that flock in south of France and the great names, of course, that beacame brands as Beaucastel or Tempier !

When its good … wine talks, nothing else !

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