Chemins Vignerons

A la découverte des vignobles du soleil

L Chateauneuf du Papes en hiver, une opportunité pour profiter de ses crus ! Les couleurs explosent au printemps Avant de déguster, la visite des vignes s Les terrasses de Cassis regardent la mer La montagne Sainte Victoire en été La fausse roquette exsude des senteurs miellées Les Dentelles de Montmirail : beaux paysages et bons vins La visite de cave reste incontournable Les domaines possèdent des trésors caves Le charme des villages Méditerranéens

What a wonderful trip we had

Well hello there Marc.  I FINALLY found your brochure when clearing out my office recently.  I have been looking for it for a while as Greg and I wanted to stay in touch.  I hope you are well.  I just wanted to emphasize what a wonderful trip we had with you as our guide.  We learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the stories and information.  We had a nice time in Italy as well, however our guide was nothing like you.  I hope we cross paths again someday.

P.S. I sent you a Facebook message recently wondering if it was you.

All the best and let’s keep in touch.  Rita and Greg

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